3 day Texas Whitetail Hunting Safari

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  • $3700 per hunter.
  •  Discounted to $2800 per hunter, when you bring at least 2 hunters! 

We had a successful season on our whitetail hunts last year, and are expecting the same results for the upcoming season.  Our whitetail herds have been exceptional for the last few years, and this year is looking better than ever! 

 This hunting special is providing our hunters a great opportunity for a Texas Whitetail Buck, without breaking the bank.

This hunt is to be taken any available time from November 6, 2012 and until March 1, 2013.  You may hunt multiple ranches on this hunting adventure.

This 5 day hunting Safari includes:

  • One Texas Whitetail buck  (mature bucks up to 9 points)
  • One cull Buck or Doe
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Guide

This hunt does not include:

  • Hunting license (See Texas Parks and Wildlife for different license options.)
  •  Deer Cleaning ($55 per animal to gut, skin, and quarter) 
  • Gratuity for your staff.

Old Mexico Whitetail Hunting at its Best!

If you are interested in taking a monster buck, you have come to the right place.  Our biggest deer range from 150"++  These pictures are from some of our past successful Muy Grande Trophy Buck Hunts in Mexico.  



Our Hunts are conducted on the other side of the border from Eagle Pass Texas.  If you are flying in, your closest airport is in Del Rio.  Your guide will pick you up at the airport.  If you are driving, your guide who lives in Eagle Pass, will have you safely park your car at his house, and then take you across the border.

Your gun license is $350, and can include up to 2 guns and up to 100 rounds of ammo per gun.  However you do not need this much ammo.  

You will need a passport to enter and exit Mexico.

The cost of the whitetail buck hunt is $4500 per hunter, and allows you 1 mature trophy buck, guide, meals and lodging.  Not included are tips and entertainment.

December and January are prime times for a great hunt in Mexico, so call today to secure your trophy whitetail hunt!

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We also have exotic animals from all over the world available on some of the ranches you may be hunting.  If you are a trophy horn whitetail hunter, we do have trophy whitetail available at a price.  Some of our trophy whitetail exceed 200 inches of horn mass! If it is a really big trophy you want, you will only pay for what you kill.  Please talk to the ranch in advance if you are looking for a particular size animal, so we can put you on the right ranch.

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